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Day Tours in Patagonia

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This geographic region is comprised of five southern provinces of Argentina: Neuquén, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.

This is a large and varied area that is divided into two sub-regions: the Andean Patagonia which is plenty of woods, mountains, lakes and glaciers; and the Extra-Andean Patagonia which is famous for the presence of the Southern right whales, gigantic colonies of penguins and sea lion among other species. Untouched beaches, fauna and adventure tours are particular characteristics of this sub-region.


images/patagonia-bariloche-lake.jpg Bariloche is the gateway of the lake-district in Argentina and the first city of Patagonia.

Situated on the West of the Province of Río Negro and 1,640 kilometres away from the City of Buenos Aires, Bariloche offers all the services and amenities necessary for visitors to choose this place as the perfect location to rest at any season.

Fly-fishing trout and salmon during the summer and practicing various sports such as hiking, river rafting along dozens of waterways and walking around the ancient forests, as well as the ascents to most summits surrounding the city, are some of the recreational activities enjoyed by travellers who visit Bariloche.

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El Calafate

images/patagonia-perito-moreno-glacier.jpg El Calafate, declared national capital of the glaciers, is the starting point to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier and Los Glaciares National Park.

Perito Moreno Walkways

There are seven balconies or viewpoints, located at different heights and distances from the glacier, connected by paths and stairs. From the highest balcony, you will see the amazing surface of the glacier, the northern and southern face. As you go down, you will find the second balcony, closer to the ice. This is the place where on occasions the ice dam is formed. The lower balcony is the closest you can get to the glacier.


Nautical Safari

images/patagonia-glacier.jpg Nautical Safari

This excursion takes you on a cruise across Brazo Rico, passing beside icebergs, which have calved off the south front of the Perito Moreno Glacier. Reaching the Icebergs Channel, the boat will stop at a safe distance from the glacier, continuing to sail down its entire front, allowing spectacular view of the high wall of ice. The excursion lasts one hour and provides a totally different perspective of the Perito Moreno Glacier, with almost constant falling walls of ice from its front. Unique opportunity for photographers and nature lovers alike.

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Peninsula Valdes

images/patogonia-sea-lion.jpg Visit the penguin breeding area in San Lorenzo, Punta Norte, go whale watching and horseback riding adventure along Punta Delgada beach.

Southern Right Whale Watching

Contemplating a whale and its whale calf is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful spectacles ever seen. Puerto Piramides is a beach resort visited by Southern Right Whales. They enjoy the gulf tranquillity to mate, to give birth and to take care of their breeding.
The whale watching has a duration of one hour, depending on the proximity of the species to the coast. Small boats approach them at a safe distance. Whales come very close up to the boat and sometimes they swim under the boat thus having the possibility to observe and photograph them.

This tour is available between June and mid-December in Peninsula Valdés departing from Puerto Pirámides.


Punta Tombo: Penguin Colony


Punta Tombo

Punta Tombo is surrounded by the typical lonesome and arid landscapes of the Patagonia Plateau. It is the largest continental Magellan Penguin breeding ground is 107 km far from Trelew and Rawson. Penguins arrive at the coast in September to lay eggs and raise young. In April they return to the sea. One of the greatest features of this Reservation is the fact that you can literally walk among the penguins, follow them and learn their habits, see how they feed their babies, the rites of pairing, the fights for the defence of their territories, how they build their nests, and the restless walks they take to and from the sea. In other words, you can closely watch these tender little animals like you never imagined you could.



images/patagonia-ushuaia.jpg Carefully selected are the very best tours and excursions available in Ushuaia. Find and book the perfect sightseeing trips, adventures and excursions with us.

A day Cruise on the Beagle Channel: Penguins and Fur Seal colonies.

During the journey along the Beagle Channel, different species of water birds can be seen, such as Imperial Cormorants, Black-browed Albatrosses, Skuas, different kinds of seagulls, and the funny Steamer Ducks or Alakush.

The sailing trip continues towards the area of Les Eclaireurs Archipelago, where the Sea Lions Island is located. There, visitors can see two typical species of sea lions in the Beagle Channel: South American sea lions and South American fur seals.

The tour sails on between the coasts of Port Almanza (Argentina) and Port Williams (Chile) and then enters the area of Mackinlay Passage towards Martillo Island, inhabited by the elegant Magellan Penguins.

The tour then heads to Estancia Harberton, where visitors will be able to walk around its historical facilities. Back on board, the tour will return to Ushuaia through the winding Guaraní Passage, where a small village is located: Port Almanza, whose few inhabitants are devoted to king crab fishing and salmon rearing.

There are many customized tours that we organize in Ushuaia. Please let us know your interests and we will put a program together to meet your expectations.
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