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Iguazu Falls Day Tours

| Itinerary: From Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls |

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The falls lie in the glorious setting of the Iguazu National Park, at the Northern tip of the province of Misiones on Argentina’s border with Brazil and Paraguay. The falls are truly superlative and a treasure for bird and animal lovers. Butterflies, toucans, plush-crested jays, night herons and snowy egrets are all common sights. Throughout the park lemur-like coatis abound, while higher up, capuchin monkeys and squirrels inhabit the forest’s canopy.

Bilingual guides will meet guests at the airport and transport them directly to the Falls;
Round trip flights to Iguazu from Buenos Aires;
Land extension packages are available from Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.

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Our Best Tours

images/iguazu-falls-iguana.jpg Argentine side

Iguazu National Park

Full day Tour inside the Iguazu National Park: The tour includes the visit of the stunning Salto San Martin and the even vaster Devil’s Throat waterfall; Enjoy a captivating guided tour along the parks two main trails: the Superior and the Inferior: the choice is between straddling the falls from above or coming up close to where the water cannons into rocks below – both beautiful viewpoints.


Great Adventure

images/iguazu-falls-iguazu-national-park.jpg This is a half day tour which takes you through the subtropical rainforest by open-top truck, before speeding you by a semi-rigid zodiac boat towards the falls.

With Zodiac boats, you will sail through 6 km through the Canyon of the Iguassu River, until the falls, from these total, 2 km are river rapids. Sail along the shore of the island until you get to the most exciting part where we face the San Martin waterfall, a wonderful and unforgettable experience, for it’s the largest waterfall any motor-boat can approach safely.


Iguazu Eco Tours

images/iguazu-falls-iguazu-rafting.jpg There are a wide variety of adventure activities to choose from in the Iguazu National Park: rafting, hiking trails, mountain biking, 4x4 expeditions, waterfall rappelling, hanging bridges, canopy tours and zip lines. You will discover a fascinating perspective of wildlife that you had never appreciated. Native species of flora and fauna can be observed. You will marvel at the sight of a great variety of orchids, trees and wildflowers that are found throughout the area.

Jesuit Ruins

images/iguazu-falls-san-ignacio.jpg This is a full day tour that includes a complete visit to the missions of San Ignacio, Santa Ana and Loreto which serve as a spectacular insight into the history of the country. A World Heritage site, you will be transported back in time as you tread the paths of 17th century Jesuits amongst imposing remains of a temple, the door of a priests’ refectory and the main square. Visit Wanda mines and appreciate the semi-precious gems in their raw form, before being transformed into jewels and decorative pieces.

Brazilian side

images/iguazu-falls-brazilian.jpg Full day tour inside the Iguaçu National Park

If you visit the Brazilian side you should not miss this tour along the Brazilian walkway, which starts in front of Hotel das Cataratas and goes to Salto Floriano the heart of the sub-tropical jungle. Visit Parque Das Aves (it is considered an ecological sanctuary) where visitors can visit for a close view of macaws, hummingbirds, toucans, and hundreds of other birds. Other animals at the park include marmosets, anacondas and alligators.

Optional: Visit to Itaipu Hydroelectric Dam.


Helicopter Flights over the Iguazu Falls

images/iguazu-falls-iguazu-helicopter.jpg This tour provides a beautiful aerial view of Iguaçu National Park. It is the best way to understand the real dimensions of the Falls. Another option is to fly over the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant. This tour is only available on the Brazilian side of the Falls.

Why visit the Brazilian side?

If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the Falls you should do an excursion over the Brazilian side of the Park.

Many visitors to the falls also take day trips to the city of Foz do Iguazu in Brazil. It´s a chance to eat more tropical food and also fly to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo or other cities in Brazil.

Bear in mind:
American citizens need VISA to enter Brazil.


Our recommendations

images/iguazu-falls-tucan.jpg • For a wiew of the most powerful section of the fallsfalls, take the train to visit the Devil’s Throat.
• Don’t go for more than three days – the national park can be explored in 2 full days;
• Take a jeep safari and zodiac ride up the river to Iguazu Falls
• Visit the Jesuit missions of San Ignacio, Santa Ana and Loreto which are World
• Heritage sites in Argentina and serve as a spectacular insight into the history of Argentina.
• Take a day trip into the Brazilian side which offers stunning panoramic views of all the falls.

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